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          The Huntsman Legion

          The Huntsman LegionWhat started as ripples in the multiverse was soon recognized as quite possibly the most potentially disastrous event any one world within the multiverse would ever have to endure. This crisis was not limited to one world however as it existed in Nexus space, between alternate realities of the multiverse, and threatened thousands of worlds all at once.

          The Huntsman Legion was born. One hundred special agents, most genetically enhanced, were drafted into the Legion and each one sent through the Nexus Gate into a Multiverse crisis hot spot in order to quell the spreading disaster before it could get rolling.

          Huntsman R7R, Tom Spenser, is one of the Huntsman Legion…

          The Huntsman Legion series is written by Caine Dorr. Check out more work by Caine at The Masked Marauder Matinee.

          Cast List:

          Huntsman?–?Chase Johnson
          Tower?– Laura Pirard
          Boss Battle?– Paul Ellis
          Carmine?– Seth Bramwell
          The Doctor?–?Russell Gold
          Jones?–?Chase Johnson
          Little Joe?– Seth Bramwell
          Mason?–?Caine Dorr
          Mick?–?Carole Stokes
          Man 1?– Yanira CM
          Man 2?–?Russell Gold
          Man 3 – Devon Sadowski
          Nurse?–?Laura Pirard
          Officer?– Glenn?Hascall
          Orderly?– Glenn Hascall
          Robbie?–?Aaron Macom
          Stevie?– Steven Carr
          Vinnie?– Steven Carr


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