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          Out of Time

          Out of Time was a Script Frenzy 2011 winner and is written and produced by April Sadowski.

          The premise behind the story is a mysterious door in the attic, one that appears to have the ordinary contents of a closet to most who open it. However, there is one girl that thinks there is something more to this door. She can see what appear to be ghosts, haunting the frames. What could possibly be behind the door? Why do the people look lost?


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          This series ratings vary.




          Out of Time Cast:

          Sasha – Elizabeth Iezzi
          Mandy – Elhayym Campbell
          Simon – Jason Kilgore
          Sasha’s Mom – Amanda Cooper
          Mankus – Russell Gold
          Police Officer – Mat Weller
          Helen Kline – Gwendolyn Jensen-Woodard
          Kendra – Elliott Skywalker
          Mrs. Burns – Shadina
          Waiter – Steven Stern
          Sasha’s Dad – Lance Schonberg
          Store Assistant – Alex Phillips
          Radical – River Kanoff
          Receptionist – Elhayym Campbell
          Dispatch – Clay Dugger
          Host – Klemens Koehring
          Lucas – Arklight
          Nurse – Alex Phillips

          Cover photo by?Adam Muise

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